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Report: Raiders Las Vegas stadium won’t host Super Bowl until at least 2025

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Even though the Raiders are expected to open their stadium in Las Vegas as early as 2020, they will have to wait a while before a Super Bowl comes to town. The Super Bowl locations are set for the next three years already. They are as follows:

2019 Atlanta

2020 South Florida

2021 Tampa

2022 Los Angeles

The league is about to set the Super Bowl host cities for 2023 and 2024 at the owners meetings this week and those cities are expected to be Arizona and New Orleans respectively according to various reports including Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal.

That puts the earliest possible hosting of the Super Bowl in the Raiders stadium currently under construction in Las Vegas at 2025.

Even that is not a sure thing, though you’d kind of expect it to happen by then. The stadium in Los Angeles is set to open in 2020 as well and they are already scheduled to get the Super Bowl two years later. Likewise the 49ers’ home Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara hosted a Super Bowl two years after opening. Yet the Raiders’ Vegas stadium will wait at least five years.

The next vote on the 2025 and 2026 Super Bowls will take place in two years, when the Raiders stadium is expected to be ready to open. The 49ers are also expected to bid on those years.