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Jon Gruden sees Derrick Johnson as ‘big time’ addition for Raiders, ‘we love stealing from the Chiefs’

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Winning is always fun, but the competitor in everyone knows it is far better to beat a rival after taking one of their men.

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden thinks that can be accomplished with the addition of linebacker Derrick Johnson who made four pro bowls during his 13 seasons in Kansas City.

“We feel like we have solidified the middle of our defense big time,” Gruden told Raiders’ season ticket holders on Wednesday. “We added Derrick Johnson, the all-time leading tackler in Kansas City Chiefs history. He started every game for them last year, they were the division champions.”

It might be a stretch to say it is now solidified considering Johnson is 35 years old and is less than two years removed from a ruptured achilles. There is no doubting Johnson’s past ability and experience on the field. Instead, only one question remains, how much longer can he evade father time?

Judging by the way Gruden spoke about Johnson, it seems as if he will outlast the inevitable for at least one more year and fortify the middle of the defense.

Johnson is the latest in what Gruden sees as a splendid history of bringing Chiefs to the dark side.

“Last time I was here at Oakland we stole Rich Gannon from Kansas City, we took Andre Rison from the Chiefs, we took Albert Lewis from the Chiefs,” said Gruden. “We love stealing from the Chiefs! So now we got Derrick Johnson and I’m on my way to the Raiders store to pick up a Derrick Johnson Raiders jersey. I’m gonna wear it home tonight.”

In recent memory, Oakland has pried away Sean Smith and Rodney Hudson from Kansas City. The Hudson addition couldn’t have worked out much better for the Raiders, for he has started in Oakland’s past 33 games and has earned pro bowl honors twice.

If Johnson can make a positive impact like Hudson, Raider Nation will have some more bragging rights over the Chiefs.