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Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie says son Kahlil ‘getting indoctrinated in Kansas City’

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Can you imagine how Reggie McKenzie must have felt when hearing the Kansas City Chiefs had drafted his son Kahlil McKenze? It’s not very often that a father is a General Manager for a team the same year that their own son is in the draft. It was an incredibly proud father and son moment no doubt, but to have arguably the biggest rival pick them had to be bittersweet at the very least.

Right away there was some friendly banter about the situation when McKenzie was asked about the Chiefs drafting his son. Of course it was retired Raiders great Charles Woodson who provided the fodder when he chided McKenzie about his son’s new team, a story the Raiders GM was quick to use with the media .

“I got a text from Charles Woodson who told me ‘your son has to retire. There’s no way he can put that red helmet on his head’. Part of me felt that way, but in all seriousness it’s a good opportunity for him and I was hoping that he would land at a spot that will kind of grow him to that position (offensive line).”

Things haven’t exactly died down for the McKenzie family though, after all this circumstance is a bit unique. During the conference call with Raiders season ticket holders Reggie McKenzie let it be known again that the rivalry thing is very real. He also acknowledged that his son Kahlil McKenzie is being “indoctrinated” to the ketchup and mustard side of the rivalry already too.

“You know what, even though it’s my boy, it’s still Raiders versus Chiefs on that day,” said McKenzie Sr. “I’m happy and proud of him at this point, but on game day it is what it is. That rivalry will never end. He knows that. He’s getting indoctrinated in Kansas City as we speak in that regard. It was great seeing him get drafted, but it’s gonna be fun when we play them, that’s for sure.”

Reggie McKenzie loves his son sure, but we are talking Raiders/Chief rivalry here! Blood can only take you so far, some bridges are just not meant to be crossed.