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Mychal Kendricks leaves Minnesota without deal, now headed for Oakland

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Free Agent linebacker Mychal Kendricks would be a great addition to the Raiders defense to pair with 35 year old middle linebacker Derek Johnson. At just 27, Kendricks is still in his prime and has sideline to sideline athletic ability. The former Eagles linebacker’s speed would make him a great fit in the middle of the Raiders 4-3 defense and is set to visit the Vikings, Raiders, and Browns.

The biggest obstacle in signing Kendricks was simply getting him past the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings already have his brother Eric Kendricks and that is a huge advantage. However, Kendricks has left Minnesota without a deal and will be meeting with the Raiders next despite his brother campaigning hard for him to join in purple.

“He’s (Eric Kendricks) doing all that he can,” Mychal Kendricks told the Pioneer Press. “He’s let me know what the team’s all about. … But he knows in the end I’m going to make my decision based off the things that are presented to me.”

The Vikings may have banked on having his brother on the team a little too much if Mychal Kendricks left without signing with them right away. They still needed to provide a good financial offer as well as show they are a fit for Kendricks within the defense. Though he could still sign later.

Now that Kendricks is on his way to visit with Oakland, they need to make sure not to low ball him if they really want him and maybe even more importantly show him he is a great fit in their defense.

The Raiders do have a little sentimental value to them too, they offer the best location for Kendricks being that he is from Fresno, CA. The sunny beaches in California are quite a bit better locale than the cold conditions in the midwest winters in Minnesota and Cleveland.

More often than not in the NFL you want the free agent signed before they leave the building, something Minnesota was not able to do. Now it’s the Raiders chance to prove that they are the right fit at the price for Mychal Kendricks.

If he does leaves without a contract then he will be heading to the Cleveland Browns next with his decision expected to come by the end of the week.