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NFL odds, betting lines: Raiders Super Bowl odds continue to drop since NFL Draft, going from best in AFC West to worst

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As of March 22, following the big waves of free agency, the Raiders Super Bowl odds had risen to into the top ten in the NFL according to They had 22/1 odds at that point which was best in the AFC West. At that time the Broncos sat at 25/1, while the Chiefs and Chargers brought up the rear at 33/1.

The tables have turned.

The draft took place in late April and the Raiders Super Bowl odds dropped immediately down to 30/1. Now a month later and the Raiders Super Bowl odds have dropped again to 40/1 which not only drops them out of the NFL top ten (17th), but it has them going from their previous spot atop the AFC West to being tied with the Broncos for the division’s longest odds.

Meanwhile the Chargers and Chiefs odds have shortened with the Chargers at 20/1 (up from 35/1) and the Chiefs at 35/1 (up from 40/1).