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Greg Jennings details accident that hopefully scared Jordy Nelson away from playing around on ATV’s again anytime soon

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These guys can luckily look back and laugh about this.

NFL: Oakland Raiders Offseason Workouts Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ATV’s can be pretty dangerous. Especially with regard to NFL careers. Recently it was revealed that an ATV accident could end 2017 second round pick Malik McDowell’s NFL career before it begins. That news came around the same time, former Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi was having his hand amputated from an ATV accident.

The Raiders have experienced this firsthand, when 2015 third round pick tight end Clive Walford messed up his knee in an ATV accident prior to his second season. That accident put him behind the curve for a season in which he was supposed to break out, and he never was able to climb back up the depth chart. He was waived this offseason.

So, naturally when you hear Greg Jennings tell a story in which he and some other Packers players were riding ATV’s out at Jordy Nelson’s ranch, and Nelson’s ATV rolls on top of him, it sends chill down your spine.

As Jennings tagged the end of this video, he will not be going to Jordy Nelson’s ranch again. And maybe Jordy should steer clear of it as well. At least until his two-year deal with the Raiders is done.