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Derek Carr getting little respect in post draft 2018 fantasy rankings

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Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

With the drafted players for every team in house, the fantasy guys over at went about putting together their updated Top 200 rankings.

The crew of Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank, Alex Gelhar, Marcus Grant, and James Koh put out their individual rankings, which means the Raiders players rankings varied. One thing didn’t vary too much and that was none of them thought Derek Carr was fantasy starter worthy. At least one thought he wasn’t even draftable.

It was Gelhar who didn’t have Carr even ranked in his top 200, with his highest ranking at 123 overall from Koh (who overall seems to like Raiders players better than the other). If we put Carr at 201 in Gelhar’s ranking, Carr’s average rank was 165. And Michael Fabiano has Carr as his 23rd ranked quarterback. In a 12-team league, with every team having two QB’s, that’s barely hanging onto a roster spot on any team in your league.

Carr had a poor 2017 season, by most measures. But his 2016 season was stellar. The question is whether he can return to his 2016 form or if he will stumble again. The fantasy guys appear to believe the latter.

What’s kind of interesting is despite not having a high opinion of drafting Carr, they all seem to really like the Raiders top trio of receivers, with each one of them making the list. Meanwhile Carr is ranked below even Doug Martin.

Here are the Raiders player rankings

Marshawn Lynch

Average ranking: 64

Highest: 55 (Koh)

Lowest: 77 (Rank)

Amari Cooper

Average ranking: 67

Highest: 44 (Koh)

Lowest: 92 (Gelhar)

Jordy Nelson

Average ranking: 104

Highest: 74 (Koh)

Lowest: 125 (Rank)

Martavis Bryant

Average rank: 117

Highest: 68 (Rank)

Lowest: 158 (Grant)

Doug Martin

Average rank: 156

Highest: 73 (Grant)

Lowest: 191 (Gelhar)

Derek Carr

Average rank: 165*

Highest: 123 (Koh)

Lowest: Unranked (Gelhar)

Jared Cook

Average rank: 172*

Highest: 146 (Koh)

Lowest: Unranked (Rank, Grant)

Jalen Richard

Average rank: 197*

Highest: 180 (Grant)

Lowest: Unranked (Fabiano, Rank, Gelhar, Koh)

*All unranked given number 201 in finding average ranking.


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