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Countdown to kickoff: 92 is PJ Hall and the peak of Bo Jackson Raiders greatness

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1990 AFC Divisional Playoffs:  Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Raiders Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

We’re now at 92 days until the Raiders’ 2018 season opener. We’ll get to that in a second. I took a little hiatus from the countdown series the past couple days, so let’s review what we missed to get caught up.

Number 94 is second year defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes, who had as many solo tackles (13) as he had starts last season. The expected inside disruptor didn’t record a sack as a rookie. He is currently recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in the season finale in LA against the Chargers.

No one currently wears the number 93 for the Raiders. That number is Tommy Kelly to many of us. But it was also worn by the Raiders all-time leading sacker, Greg Townsend. His 107.5 career sacks has stood as a franchise record for 25 years and figures to stand for a few years longer. Khalil Mack is a threat to that record, but probably not for five or six seasons yet.

The longest run from scrimmage in Raiders history was a 93-yard QB keeper by Terrelle Pryor against the Steelers in 2013. One of his three wins as Raiders QB and the last great play he had with the Raiders and as a QB. He is now a wide receiver, and with those wheels, it’s where he belongs.

Still the longest run in Raiders history by a running back is Bo Jackson’s 92-yard run in week four of the 1989 season against the Bengals.

ESPN did a split screen of Bo and Pryor’s runs and someone recorded it. Apparently just for this purpose.

The number 92 is worn by rookie defensive tackle PJ Hall, who was the team’s selection at 57 overall in this year’s draft out of Sam Houston State.

Hall lit up Division II and then lit up his pro day to show his dominance may just translate to the pro game. His 42.0 career sacks and 86.5 tackles for loss stand out considerably.

Thus far in Raiders offseason practices, he has not stood out. His draft classmate, Maurice Hurst is well ahead of him in the learning curve. Hall will have some catching up to do to prove worthy of his second round draft status.

The best to wear the number 92 for the Raiders was Richard Seymour, who the team acquired in trade with the Patriots prior to the 2009 season. Seymour would make two Pro Bowl trips in four seasons in Oakland, both after the team moved him to defensive tackle. He put up 18.5 sacks over those four seasons.

The Raiders have had four picks at 92 overall in the draft. Only one of them ever played a game for the Raiders. It was Joe Barksdale who played one season as a reserve tackle as a rookie in 2011 before being cut prior to the next season. He has gone on to fairly successful career over six seasons with the Rams and Chargers respectively. I guess he was just destined to end up in LA.