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Report: Raiders expect Khalil Mack to holdout of mandatory minicamp

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday the Raiders three-day mandatory minicamp begins. It’s also the first time all members of the team are required to attend. One of them won’t be Khalil Mack, according to Ian Rapoport.

This is not a shocking revelation, because Mack has been sitting out all of offseason workouts and practices while awaiting a contract extension. That extension has not arrived and so neither has Mack.

Last week, new Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther said Mack is “going to have a lot of catching up to do” once he returns. That return will not happen until at least late July when the team reports for training camp.

The official fines for missing the entire three-day minicamp is $84,435, which the Raiders can either choose not to levy or put it in the contract negotiations.

Regardless, this is a situation the Raiders should have taken care of before now. But it’s not unusual for them. Both Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson signed their extensions well after mandatory minicamp last offseason.

Carr was made the highest paid player in NFL history (for like a month). Mack is looking to be the highest paid non-QB. And if the Raiders wait too long, Aaron Donald might get his deal first which would mean they have to then outdo his deal for Mack, costing them even more. Tick tock.