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Countdown to kickoff: 91 is Shilique Calhoun, it’s also Raiders franchise record career passer rating mark

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Rich Gannon #12

Happy Monday, all. Right about this time exactly 13 Mondays from now the Raiders set to kick off their 2018 season against the Rams. There is much to do in the interim. Next up is the team’s 3-day mandatory minicamp which begins tomorrow.

The team added a couple defensive linemen today. They have two numbers in the 90s up for grabs (93, 98), so it’s very possible they take those.

We’ve already passed those numbers, though. Today is about number 91 which is owned by 2016 third round pick, Shilique Calhoun.

Calhoun was very productive at Michigan State as a pass rusher. But once he got to the pros, he was just too light to hold his ground on the block to stay in the game. The Raiders moved him to linebacker, but he is a complete liability in coverage, so that’s a no-go.

The Raiders already sent his fellow bust draft classmate Jihad Ward to Dallas this offseason, and Calhoun will need to make major strides this offseason if he is to be on this team come the season. In 19 appearances with the Raiders the past two seasons, he has a combined 11 tackles and a half sack.

What 91 means to the Raiders

The franchise record for career passer rating is 91.2 and it belongs to one Rich Gannon who joined the Raiders at the age of 34 after 11 years with three different teams as a sometimes starter, but more often backup.

Jon Gruden took over the Raiders in 1998 and after a season split between Donald Hollas, Jeff George, and Wade Wilson, Gruden brought over Gannon to be his quarterback. Gannon was just one year younger than Gruden and the two had many fiery spats on the field which was a sign of the kind of competitors they were.

Gannon would be Gruden’s trigger man the next three years, including two trips to the playoffs. When Gruden was sent to Tampa in a trade, Gannon remained and went on to an incredible MVP season under his former offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, who was promoted to head coach. Unfortunately, sticking with the same playbook and then meeting your former head coach in the Super Bowl led to disaster for Gannon.

Things would go downhill from there. Gannon, now 38, would get injured each of the next two seasons and his career would end at the age of 39. But even as he stumbled at the end, his previous four seasons were such that he finished as the only quarterback in Raiders history to have a passer rating in the 90s.

Right now Derek Carr’s career passer rating sits at 87.5. He is the closest to matching or surpassing Gannon in that category. Over the past three seasons, Carr’s passer rating has been 91.5, so if he can keep up that level of play, he could do it.

Yesterday we highlighted Bo Jackson’s 92-yard run which is the longest for a running back in Raiders history. He also had a 91-yard run that is probably even more famous. You’ve all seen it. It happened in Seattle.