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Former Raiders 4th round pick Keith McGill went unsigned in free agency, getting tryout with Jets

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Keith McGill? He was hailed as a Richard Sherman clone when the Raiders selected him in the 4th round of the 2014 draft and it became apparent those Sherman comparisons — which annoyed him for what it’s worth — were merely based on his size (6-3, 211) and little else.

McGill spent four years in Oakland, becoming a free agent this offseason. He went unsigned and just today we’re hearing his name for the first time this offseason as he is trying out for the New York Jets during minicamp.

That 2014 draft by the Raiders is now legendary despite McGill not working out. The Utah product was the second of two fourth round picks the Raiders had in that draft and the first pick in that draft for them that wasn’t a great selection. The first four picks were Khalil Mack, Derek Carr, Gabe Jackson, and Justin Ellis -- all of whom are still with the team, with only Mack still awaiting a second contract.

McGill would be outplayed at cornerback from the start by 7th round draft classmate, TJ Carrie who landed a big contract from the Cleveland Browns early in free agency. Quite a different story for McGill. Good luck to him on his attempts to get his career back on track.