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Kelechi Osemele said Brandon Parker showed ‘phenomenal’ toughness in Raiders minicamp scrap, Jon Gruden comes ‘unglued’

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you had first day of minicamp as your first practice fight in your office pool, you win. It happened Tuesday between defensive end Fadol Brown and rookie offensive tackle Brandon Parker.

Parker was blocking on a play and Brown didn’t like something and the two locked up. Brown drove into Parker, but the young rookie stood his ground, and the two went to the ground. They rolled around for a few seconds until teammates could pull them apart.

It always gets interesting when players scuffle. All Pro left guard Kelechi Osemele thought so as well. He like what he saw from his rookie linemate.

“I’m really impressed,” said Osemele. “Phenomenal actually today that Brandon stood up for himself, so that was really cool to see. You always want to see that. You worry about guys toughness. He’s a tough kid and he’s been playing well.”

They don’t get much tougher than Osemele. And defenders tend not to try him like that, because it may not end well for them. Testing a rookie is another story.

Both Parker and Brown are fighting for their position on the roster. Brown more so being that he was an undrafted rookie last year who battled his way onto the practice squad, while Parker will have some benefit of the doubt as a third round pick.

In his attempts to make the team, Brown may have worked a bit against himself. Gruden didn’t like him going after Parker and getting into a scuffle.

“We haven’t had that,” Gruden said of the fight. “We really have stressed the etiquette that you have to have to be an Oakland Raider. We have to work against each other. We have to practice against each other every day.

“I didn’t like what happened today. Particularly the situation. You hear all this situational football talk around the league. We’re in the two-minute drill, to win the game and we got a guy ejected for fighting. That’s a 15-yard penalty and Eddy Pineiro ended their day with a game-winning field goal. So, then to fly back from London or wherever the hell we got to play — Miami or all these road trips we got — losing a game like that. So, sorry for getting unglued.”

Compared to how we are used to seeing Gruden, he didn’t seem especially ‘unglued’ when speaking of the incident. But he certainly wasn’t composed during and after that scuffle on the field. I won’t go into what he said, but let’s just say it was angry and included a great many expletives.

It’s pretty clear the fault here is landing on Fadol Brown alone as the aggressor. He has impressed Gruden thus far and has seen some second team reps at defensive end while Khalil Mack has not been in attendance. He will have to work on keeping his cool if he is to stay on Gruden’s good side and break onto the roster this season.