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Long shot Nevada Governor candidate who threatened Vegas stadium infrastructure defeated in primary

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The Raiders can breath a sigh of relief because the Nevada Governor candidate who was the biggest threat to them has not won the primary to continue on. State Treasurer Dan Schwartz was always considered a long shot candidate, but part of his platform was threatening to end construction projects vital to the Raiders stadium in Las Vegas being a success.

The conservative, GOP candidate for Governor had made the statement that he couldn’t stop the stadium from being built, but he could stop the roads to the stadium from being built. Upset about the giant amount of money promised from Nevada to the Raiders stadium deal, Schwartz intended to hold the road projects hostage to force the Raiders into allowing Nevada to use the promised subsidy for other tax needs.

That won’t be a problem anymore, Schwartz was just defeated handily by the state’s Attorney General Republican Adam Laxalt. Laxalt was the favorite for the Republican nomination with the backing of casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson.

The Adelson endorsement is interesting considering he was spurned in his attempts to muscle into the ownership group of the Raiders before being rebuked by the NFL and Mark Davis. The casino mogul was pivotal in his role to bring the Raiders to Nevada even though he was eventually left out of the deal.

We will see if Adelson tries to use his political sway with Lexalt to undermine the Raiders later if Lexalt does become the next Governor of Nevada.

As far as the Democratic side for the Nevada Governor, the Raiders had some good news there too. The candidates were split on the Raiders new stadium with candidate Chris Giunchigliani being against the project all along, while the other candidate Steve Sisolak testified for the project to go through. It was Sisolak who came out on top with a 13 point victory over Giunchigliani.

Meanwhile, one of the plans with the infrastructure for the stadium is being changed. The plan had been to build a car pool lane to exit from Interstate 15 to the Hacienda Avenue overpass. Now the Hacienda Avenue overpass is planned to be converted to a pedestrian walkway with just a single lane for traffic on gamedays to connect the stadium to the nearby resorts and the Strip.

The move was made after concerns were raised from the stadium developers and MGM Grand International. One can certainly see how a high traffic highway exit and using the overpass as a pedestrian walkway are two plans that can not co-exist.

After the concerns were voiced it was the highway exit that got the ax, which happened at the same time as candidate Dan Schwartz being eliminated from the primary. It’s ironic that the candidate who threatened to end infrastructure projects for the Raiders stadium has had an infrastructure project ended at the same time that his run for Governor ended.