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Gareon Conley makes some fans day by randomly joining their Call of Duty game

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Today’s kids have no idea how great they have it being able to be able to reach out and talk to anyone in the era of social media. Growing up we had barely a chance to run into one of our favorite athletes, getting to watch practices through the fence and some autograph sessions was the closest we ever got to our idols.

These days you get all sorts of other opportunities to come across your favorite athletes and it isn’t just Twitter. Even in video games many are connected and chatting, coming across people from all walks of life. That is including for the lucky few a chance encounter with one of their favorite athletes.

That’s exactly what one group of kids got to experience when Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley randomly entered their Call of Duty video game. Conley returned the love by posting a quick snippet video of the kids reaction to him joining them in their session.

You can tell Gareon Conley truly enjoyed the experience. Conley is heard laughing while the kids chatter excitedly about him joining them. One of the kids tries to quiet his friends so he can tell Conley how big of a fan he is.

The way the one kid keeps saying “Gareon Conley” reminded me of an entirely different hilarious viral moment of a kid trying to get someone to listen. Enjoy the throwback to an instant classic.