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Raiders CB Gareon Conley revealed to have groin injury on anniversary of suffering shin injury that cost him his rookie season

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NFL: Oakland Raiders Rookie Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you believe in jinxes, then you’ll probably think Gareon Conley has fallen victim to one. The former top pick corner practiced the first day of minicamp. Afterward, he spoke to the media about getting his confidence back after missing nearly most of last season with a shin injury he suffered in last year’s minicamp. And he promptly was lost to a groin injury, causing him to miss the final two days of practice.

“He tweaked his groin,” said Gruden. “He could’ve obviously been out there today. He’ll be ready to go for training camp. It’s just a mild strain.”

Hopefully Gruden’s diagnosis is accurate. Conley’s shin injury was initially not considered anything serious either. So much so that it was initially barely talked about. Similar things were said about him expected to be back for training camp. Right up until he wasn’t ready for training camp. And then missed camp altogether. Then the season opener. Then aggravated the injury two games later and missed the rest of the season. Then had surgery.

Other than the injury occurring to the same player on the same day a year later, there is really no particular reason to think there will be a similar resulting long term injury situation. Conley likes to point out that he’d never been injured before that mysterious shin injury. So, for now, we can say ‘here we go again’ but otherwise we can still assume it is a minor injury and we will see him on July 27 when the players hit the field for training camp.