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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden to have elbow surgery

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Players will often take time in the offseason to have procedures done. Sometimes the coaches do as well. The second offseason break begins right now and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is going to get some work done as well.

“I’m having elbow surgery tomorrow so I’m kicking off my offseason with a real, real bang, aren’t I?” Gruden said Thursday following the final minicamp practice.

This isn’t a new injury for Gruden. It’s probably about 18 years old.

“I had elbow surgery from Warren King the last time I was coaching the Raiders and I’ve had a relapse,” Gruden said, holding up his arms to show his right arm doesn’t fully extend. “I can’t straighten my right arm anymore and it’s been sore for the last few years. Mo Collins, one of my old offensive guards, knocked me sideways and I landed on my elbow, so I had surgery. Long story short it’s bothering me really bad. I can hardly throw and I can’t golf, so hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be 100%.”

Gruden said it wasn’t an accidental hit from Collins that caused it, adding that he was “simulating Junior Seau in an A gap. We missed a couple gap calls against the Chargers and Mo, Mo got me.”

The surgery may just force Gruden to take a bit of a break. Though a very short one.