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Khalil Mack worth more than Von Miller so Raiders must pay him like it

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Has Oakland Raiders edge rusher Khalil Mack done enough in the NFL to get paid as much as the highest paid edge rusher.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Minicamp is in the books and, of course, there were no signs of Khalil Mack, who’s looking for a new contract. Negotiations are obviously private but it’s probably safe to assume Mack is looking for more money than Denver Broncos edge rusher Von Miller, who is currently the NFL’s highest paid edge rusher.

Fans all over social media these days are arguing over whether Mack is worth more than Miller. But all anyone has to do is look at the last three years to see it‘s obvious he is.


Both Mack and Miller have made the Pro Bowl over the last three years. They were both named first-team All-Pro in 2015 and 2016 but neither made it in 2017.

Mack was first-team All-Pro at both outside linebacker and defensive end in 2016. He was also the NFL Defensive Player of the Year that year while Miller has yet to win the award.

Stats and Analytics

When it comes to sacks, Mack has a slight edge with 36.5 to 34.5 for Miller since 2015. He also has the edge in quarterback pressures with 257 to 244 for Miller according to Pro Football Focus. Mack also has the edge when it comes to his play against the run.

Run-stop percentage is a metric PFF uses to measure tackles for a gain of two yards or less. Mack’s average run-stop percentage since 2015 is 10.26 to 8.2 for Miller. Neither one gets paid to cover but Mack is the only one of the two that has been in PFF’s top 10 (No. 6) in yards per coverage snap for 3-4 outside linebackers and that was in 2015.

Degree of difficulty

Miller has played under much better circumstances than Mack has the last three years. He’s had Wade Phillips — known for dialing up blitzes that get players one-on-ones — as his defensive coordinator. Mack has thrived despite having Ken Norton Jr. as his DC.

Miller has also had a top-flight secondary to make quarterbacks hold the ball while Mack has played with one of the league’s worst secondaries. But more importantly, Miller has had more help rushing the passer than Mack has. For two of the last three years, Miller has had four-time All-Pro DeMarcus Ware on the opposite edge. He’s also had good interior pressure from Derek Wolfe.

Mack hasn’t been so fortunate. He had Aldon Smith for all of nine games due to substance abuse. And there has been no consistent help from an interior pass-rusher. That’s why Mack gets triple-teamed more than any other edge rusher in the NFL. A solid interior rush would prevent that and opposing QBs from stepping up when Mack beats his man outside.

Bottom Line

Every stat and analytic points to Mack over Miller as the best edge rusher in the NFL. He’s done everything at a higher level than Miller the last three years despite not having much help from his DC or the players on his defense. He could have interior help on the way in rookie defensive tackle Maurice Hurst.

We may not know what the exact number Mack is asking for but if it’s about paying him more than Miller, give it to him.

As Deion Sanders says, pay da man!

The video down below will show that he’s worth more than Miller.