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Raiders only 2017 non-winning team in top ten of Madden ‘19

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NFL: Pro Bowl Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The ratings continue to come out for the Madden ‘19 video game which is really ‘18, but they put them out like new cars, labeling them with the year after. Earlier today some of the ratings leaked for each team’s top players. Here are the Raiders.

Now we see the ratings for each team as compared to the other 31. Among them, the Raiders look pretty good, with a cumulative grade of 81, which is tied for 8th best in the NFL with the Cowboys and Titans.

This is somewhat significant because the Raiders are the only team with a grade of 81 or better who didn’t have a winning record last season and are one of just two non-playoff teams (Cowboys).

The lowest rated 2017 playoff team is the Bills (74) who finished 9-7. Other playoff teams to finish lower than the Raiders include the Panthers (78), Chiefs (80), and Rams (80).

The Raiders, of course, finished 6-10 last season. They have some of their key pieces back, but among the highly rated new additions are Jordy Nelson (86), Rashaan Melvin (83), Marcus Gilchrist (81), and Martavis Bryant (79).