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Watch: Derek Carr speaks to Raiders rookies ‘Don’t try and prove people wrong’

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There has been no greater voice for the Raiders both in recruiting potential free agents and steering young players in the right direction than quarterback Derek Carr. So, it’s not surprise the Raiders asked him to speak with this year’s rookies. It’s also no surprise that he was more than happy to do so.

The fifth year QB, who became the NFL’s highest paid player this time last year carries a lot of clout with these young players looking to break in. All of them are hoping to make a career for themselves and earn their second contract.

He posted a short video of some of what he told the new crop of rookies.

“Don’t try and prove people wrong. It is a waste of your time, they are a waste of your time,” said Carr. “Prove the people right that gave you a chance. Prove Mr McKenzie right for giving you the opportunity. Prove coach Gruden right for giving you the chance to be on this team. Does that make sense? Don’t waste your time with any of those other people saying that you aren’t good enough.”

Carr would know quite a bit about that. He was passed over by every NFL team, including the Raiders, and three other QB’s were taken ahead of him before the Raiders ended his draft fall at pick 36 in the second round. Then he went out an outplayed every one of the players taken ahead of him. But for him it was more important to prove the Raiders right in selecting him.

On the other hand, proving doubters wrong may not work for him, but some players successfully use it as fuel. Khalil Mack is well known for choosing his college number at Buffalo based on his NCAA Football video game rating, just to remind him of those who doubted his abilities.