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John Madden Football video game turns 30

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Everyone wish John Madden Football a happy 30th.

EA Sports

Boom! Let some celebrating begin, EA Sports John Madden Football just turned 30! The long running video game franchise is named after the Super Bowl winning former Raiders coach, and EA Sports has congratulated the Raiders great via Twitter for the success of his namesake video game.

Can you believe it’s been 30 years of this video game? I literally do not remember a time the game didn’t exist, being as I was just 2 years old on this day 30 years ago. It’s probably the biggest reason that many kids still know who John Madden is, though us Raiders fans don’t need the video game to celebrate the greatest coach in Raiders history.

He still has the highest winning percentage of any Raiders coach with his record of 112-39 in the regular season and playoffs combined, a staggering .731 career winning percentage. That percentage is 3rd behind only Guy Chamberlin’s .759 winning percentage in the 20’s and the great Vince Lombardi’s .740 percentage with Green Bay and Washington.

Madden also was a long time, beloved on air anaylist over the years, likely the most famous of all time. Having a video game named after him go on a 30-year run may not be the most impressive stat the man owns, but it’s still a pretty cool one.

Congratulations, John Madden!