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Answering your Raiders (and some non-Raiders) Mailbag questions

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You guys did not disappoint with the questions. Some really good ones here.

NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I can tell I don’t do these nearly enough just by the sheer volume of great questions. Not that you guys wouldn’t have great questions anyway, but I probably would have answered some of these before had I requested submissions. But, no matter. We’re here now.

Apologies if I didn’t get to your question or don’t answer your question suitably. I can only speak from my experience and my crystal ball can be a little clunky at times.

@JoeKaretski asks: Where is all the money Carr said that he left on the table to re-sign other players???

There was never any money left on the table. His contract was more about how it was structured so as to not strap the Raiders against the cap early on. Gabe Jackson was the first; signing his deal a week later. The only season he will actually represent a cap hit of $25 million (the average over the 5-year extension) is this year. That may seem counterproductive, but consider that, just like Carr, Mack’s big cap hit years won’t start until 2019, once his extension kicks in. That’s when Carr’s cap hit will go down to $22.6. Same for 2020 when/if Amari Cooper’s extension kicks in.

@icdriammdmph asks: “Mack, Mack, Mack... Mack, Mack, Mack, Mack?”

I get this question a lot. No one knows exactly where the Raiders and Mack are on getting a deal done. But if those Carr and Jackson deals last offseason are any indication, it could get done fairly soon. Carr was signed on June 22 (two days from now) and Jackson on June 29. They made Carr the highest paid player in NFL history and got it done before Matt Stafford, who leapfrogged Carr just a month later. Gabe was made the third highest paid guard.

There’s no reason for the Raiders to wait on this one, especially with Aaron Donald looking to get his deal from the Rams as well and leapfrog Mack just as Stafford did Carr. Mack has a $13.8 million cap hit this year and just like Carr, the upcoming year will not be at the level of the rest of the extension. For that reason, the Raiders can absolutely afford to make that deal, even with limited cap space right now.

ZombieFlanders asks: “Favorite Sex position?”

To which GabeRuth saved me the trouble of responding. “We all know Levi is a master of them all. Even the ones we didn’t even know existed. Before Levi became a writer he studied that shit in a Peruvian monastery in the mountains for twenty years. It’s in his bio.”

Thanks, GabeRuth. Good lookin’ out.

Snakeman17 asks: Does Switzer see an increased role if Bryant is suspended?

Kinda, but not really. In a general sense, if you remove one weapon, his targets naturally must go elsewhere. But not to Switzer specifically. More likely Jordy Nelson and Seth Roberts would be most affected. Switzer is a slot receiver thru and thru. Bryant is not a slot receiver, he is a deep threat.

rdesaii.711 asks: What is your prediction on Khalil Mack’s contract numbers?

I think we’re looking at a 5-year, $102.5 million extension with $65 million guaranteed. That would average about $20.5 million per season. He will be the first ever defensive player hit $20 million per season.

LimeyRaider asks: Three favourite Raiders to invite to a dinner party or pub crawl?

Love that British spelling of favourite. It’s really too bad Sebastian Janikowski isn’t still on the team because he would be as automatic as a touchback. But from current Raiders, the three favorites would probably be Marshawn Lynch, Gabe Jackson, and Justin Ellis.

Cesar Acosta asks: Any news on Martavis impending suspension?

Well, first off we don’t even know if there is one impending. The report is quite shaky in how it’s worded. It just says the Raiders fear he could be suspended. Not that they’re expecting one or what exactly happened if anything at all. It’s not a lot to go on. We noted the report, but it could be nothing comes of it and we may only hear about it if something does, which means it’s possible we could be asking this question for a while.

chaos93 asks: Who is your favorite newcomer?

That depends on the criteria. It’s probably early yet for who will have the greatest impact on the field and we’ve only really met a few new players one time. If I had to pick a player on each side of the ball right now, I’d say Jordy Nelson and Tahir Whitehead.

Raider208 asks: Are you staying on with S&BP when they leave for LV?

That’s the plan. While I can’t always predict the future, I don’t expect anything to change on my end.

Indy! asks: Does Mark’s van have angel hair upholstery interior? What color?

I can say with great pride that I have no idea what the inside of Mark Davis’s van looks like. I’d imagine that’s the kind of shit you can’t unsee.

KhalilMacksDad asks: Wanna unblock me from Twitter?

I don’t know. What’s your handle? And why did I block you? And don’t say because you disagreed with me, cuz that’s never the real reason.

Indy! asks: What’s your favorite Vegas casino?

I don’t have a favorite casino. But my favorite part of Vegas is Fremont street. Old school Vegas all day.

Jeremy Belvins asks: Is Donald Penn unlikely to be fully active before the end of training camp?

I’d be surprised if he wasn’t ready by the start of camp. He’s was at all OTA and minicamp practices participating in walk-thrus. If there were a real concern, he wouldn’t even have been doing that.

Jeremy Belvins asks: Is Carr going to play primarily under center or from shotgun this season?

Looks like the former.

GabeRuth asks: Who is the surprise of OTA’s...Besides the easy answers of Switzer, Fadol, etc.. Really under the radar guy that you saw?

I’ll give you a couple safeties: Erik Harris, and Dallin Leavitt.

This is getting pretty long and I have quite a few more questions to get through, so I will pick it up with volume two.

And here’s Volume two!