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Calling all lurkers! Silver & Black Pride would love to hear from our silent readers

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hello to all of you out there from us at Silver & Black Pride! We have a thriving community of commentators here in our comments section but the vast majority of visitors are people who haven’t signed up yet to join the fun. It is you that I am calling on today!

We would love to hear from some of our readers who haven’t joined in on the conversations yet. Silver & Black Pride appreciates your visits and would love to get a chance to have some of you join our community. We have a very knowledgeable cast of characters around here that keep our comments sections firing, though don’t be surprised to be burned by a troll or two from time to time.

There might even be a future sports blogger out there that is ready to join our team, that’s how I started writing for this site. I started out as a lurker, just reading the articles and laughing at the ridiculousness of the comments section without partaking. That was enough for me, I was just happy to have a place for my Raiders fix.

Then I started joining the conversation and it was great to interact with my fellow Raiders fans, especially being an out of town fan. Eventually I noticed the Fan Posts section, and decided to give it a shot even though I hadn’t written anything since my school days years prior. It turned out I really enjoyed giving my perspective to the community, both in the comments and in the Fan Posts.

A lot has changed with this site since those days back in 2010, but the comments section is still lit and we still have Fan Posts being posted regularly from our community writers.

Introduce yourself in the comments section of this article. Join us, tell us about how you became a fan or what you think of the shape the Raiders are in, or even just say hi. Let your voices be heard, it just might be addicting to you like it was to me and so many of our regulars who have commented over the years.