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Report: Raiders WR Martavis Bryant has not failed or missed drug test despite ominous reports

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Oakland Raiders

Last week a report came out in the Las Vegas Review Journal saying that the Raiders feared Martavis Bryant could be suspended. I was unsure what to make of the report, because of how vague it was. We waited a bit to see if anything more solid came of it before even commenting on it. And now nearly a week later, there still is nothing solid to go on as to why the Raiders may or may not have feared a possible suspension.

One thing is for sure, however, is the report caused some shockwaves about Bryant, who has already been suspended several times, including all of the 2016 season for violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

This week, I put out a call for questions in a mailbag and, as you might expect, the question on most Raiders fans minds came up. Here was my answer:

Well, first off we don’t even know if there is one impending. The report is quite shaky in how it’s worded. It just says the Raiders fear he could be suspended. Not that they’re expecting one or what exactly happened if anything at all. It’s not a lot to go on. We noted the report, but it could be nothing comes of it and we may only hear about it if something does, which means it’s possible we could be asking this question for a while.

A short time after this, Vic Tafur of the Athletic addressed the situation, saying similarly, but with one important detail — Bryant has not failed or missed a test.

As of Wednesday, Bryant had not been notified by the league of anything. I am told he did not fail a drug test or miss a test for that matter.

Neither Bryant or McKenzie or Gruden or the NFL will comment on the report, and they shouldn’t. Again, it didn’t say anything. I am told there was a similar story a couple of months ago (I don’t know who the reporter was) that was killed because it turned out that there was a complication that was cleared up when Bryant visited the NFL offices.

Could this be a similar situation? Paperwork? I don’t know. And we’re not supposed to know. It’s private.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Bryant is free and clear. He is, after all, still under a close watch by the commissioner. But as of now, we’re still wondering where the fire is to all that smoke (or hot air if you like). Meanwhile, Bryant could be getting dragged over the coals for no reason.