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Watch: Marquette King pops by Raiders headquarters to remind them why they cut his goofy ass

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Marquette King Levi Damien

Most Raiders fans had grown tired of Marquette King’s antics some time ago. What was once considered refreshingly ridiculous became just plain annoying. When Gruden came onboard, one of his first roster moves was to rid the team of their obnoxious punter. He found work quickly, signing on with Raiders rival Broncos.

One would expect he hasn’t quite had time to find a new home in the Denver area quite yet, and with offseason practices done, he was back in Oakland. And, of course, he gets bored a lot and has to showcase himself, so he had someone video him staging a jog in front of Raiders headquarters in Broncos shorts. He then stops, feigns surprise and does his Bronco celebration dance.

I don’t know who videos these things for him, but there always seems to be someone there ready to record him acting a fool.

I’m sure Broncos fans will love this video. It’s cool, I get it. We used to think they were entertaining too. They got tiresome quite a while ago for us, but they’re still new and adorable to you. Trust me, it’ll wear on you. He doesn’t know the line. That’s what got him cut despite being a pretty good punter. For the Raiders, this video is reaffirmation of that.