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Watch: Raiders new fullback makes crazy one-handed grab...on a moving jet ski

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NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Marshall Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Raiders swapped out fullbacks for like the fourth time this offseason. The newest addition is former Marshall tight end Ryan Yurachek. He may be a fullback for the Raiders, but he also adds something as a receiving threat. If his 143 receptions in four seasons at Marshall didn’t prove that enough, this video should.

Here, Yurachek can be seen riding a jet ski at what appears to be full speed by a dock, where a kid on the dock throws a pass to him. The tight end effortlessly reaches up with his right arm and pulls down the ball. Who knows how many tries this took, but regardless, that’s pretty impressive. And that pass is a dime too.

Yurachek finished his career at Marshall second in touchdowns (26) and third in both receptions (143) and yards (1354) among tight ends in school history. He is probably pegged as a fullback because he’s just 6-foot tall.