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Watch: Raiders rookies say who they’d most like to sack, Maurice Hurst’s answer is hilarious

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NFL: Oakland Raiders Rookie Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today several Raiders rookies did a facebook live session at facebook HQ. Among the questions they took was who each of the pass rushers would most like to sack.

Arden Key got it started, saying Philip Rivers, because he’s in the division. Then he said Ben Roethlisberger, which PJ Hill said as well because he grew up a Steelers fan.

The best answer came from Maurice Hurst who hilariously clowns Tom Brady.

“I grew up in Boston. It would just be crazy to get a sack on Tom Brady,” said Hurst. “I mean he’s been playing since the early 1900s, so I mean... Just like getting that opportunity to sack someone that could be my grandfather, that’s very, very exciting. But also if I ever did get a sack [on Brady] I think my mom said she’d be mad at me. Like if I hurt Tom Brady, she would never forgive me. And there’s a lot of people in Boston that would never forgive me.”

Key responded by turning his thumb emoji down. “You give me a thumbs down?” Hurst said, to which Key clarified, “No, your mother.” Hurst agreed.

The full video is over 15 minutes long. You can see it here. The sack question happens around the 7-minute mark.