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This is one NFL record held by a Raiders player that may never be broken

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Lester Hayes

Each season we’d like to think anything can happen. But there are some things that you can pretty safety say just won’t happen again. One of those things is a record owned by a Raiders cornerback Lester Hayes and his 13 interceptions in the 1980 season and that still stands as the most interceptions in a single season in the modern era (Night Train Lane has the all-time record of 14 set in 1952).

Hayes spent ten years with the Raiders, and is tied for the franchise record for career interceptions (39) with Willie Brown. Though he never came close to matching those numbers in any other season of his career. The closest he came was 7 interceptions in 1979.

His single season record and franchise record along with two Super Bowl rings haven’t been enough to him in the Hall of Fame alongside lockdown corner teammate Michael Haynes. Presumably because Hayes is the face of stickum — a goopy substance many NFL players coated their hands and forearms with to help hold onto the ball. He was far from the only player to use it, but the Hall of Fame committee seems to use it as a way to discount his credentials.

Stickum was banned in 1981. Perhaps not coincidentally that was also the last year any cornerback had 11 or more interceptions in a season (Everson Walls). That means no player has had more than 10 interceptions in 37 years.

No Raiders player has had more than 8 interceptions in a season since then either. All Raiders to come close to what Hayes did in 1980 occurred in the 1960s — Tommy Morrow (10) in 1962 and 1963 (9), Dave Grayson (10) in 1968, and Eddie Macon (9) in 1960.