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Gil Brandt: Four of the top five greatest cornerbacks of all time were Raiders

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And six of Brandt’s top 24.

Charles Woodson #24

Certain NFL teams tend to have a legacy for greatness at certain positions. For the Raiders it’s the cornerback position. Al Davis loved great cornerbacks. He fielded a few in his time.

Tuesday NFL historian Gil Brandt put together his list of the Top 24 greatest NFL cornerbacks of all time. That list is top heavy with Raiders.

Deion Sanders landed at number one. They guy they like to call ‘Flash’ played for five different NFL teams in his 17-year NFL, but not for the Raiders. The rest of the top five donned the Silver & Black.

Number two is Rod Woodson, which is probably cheating a bit to call him a great Raiders cornerback considering he made his Hall of Fame career with the Steelers, playing his final two season in Oakland as a free safety.

Third is Mike Haynes (who was my third round selection in our All-time Raiders fantasy draft). Haynes split his 14-year career evenly between the Patriots and Raiders, helping the Raiders to get their third Super Bowl ring.

Fourth is Charles Woodson. The Raiders top pick in 1998 spent 11 of his 18 NFL seasons in Oakland in two stints with the Packers in between. He collected an astounding 65 career interceptions.

Fifth is Willie Brown. Old Man Willie spent 11 of his 15 NFL seasons with the Raiders, helping them to get their first Super Bowl with his 75-yard pick six in Super Bowl XI.

From there, you wait a while in the list down to 22 and Lester Hayes who, as noted yesterday, holds an NFL record that may never be broken. He is also tied with Willie Brown for the most interceptions (39) in franchise history. He played his entire ten-year career for the Raiders.

And finally, at 24 is Albert Lewis who spent most of his career (11 years) with the Chiefs before spending his final five NFL seasons with the Raiders.

Thats six players in the top 24 — more than any other NFL team. The closest to that among the other NFL team is 4 which is a tie between the Patriots, Cardinals, and Broncos.