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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 6-7

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NFL Class of 2014 Enshrinement Ceremony Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

We’re reaching deeper into the Raiders’ all-time roster talent now. We are through seven rounds now, but since this is fantasy football and there are just eight teams, we have a ways to go yet. Even this far, there are some good looking rosters forming.

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Here is how rounds 6-7 played out.

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 6

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 6 - 41 Tyler Tommy Kelly DT 8-year starter for the Raiders that provided consistent pass rush
42 Marcus Mark van Eeghen RB He has the 2nd most rushing yards in franchise history, and I need another playmaker.
43 Carl Napoleon Kaufman RB I had to get myself a breakaway running back with 4.9 yards per carry for his career.
44 Levi Clem Daniels RB The first great Raiders running back. Third most rushing yards in franchise history despite 14-game seasons.
45 RDreamer Carson Palmer QB While the trade to get Palmer was panned, Palmer was pretty good as a Raider.
46 BD Williams Darrell Russell DT On the field no denying he was one of the most talented defensive lineman to ever wear a Raiders Uniform.
47 Goro Sebastian Janikowski PK Rest of you can fight over Jeff Jaegar, Chris Bahr, and Cole Ford
48 Ryan Jeff Hostetler QB Hostetler may not be the most glamorous but he is a winner

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 7

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 7 - 49 Ryan Warren Sapp DT In 2006 Sapp put up 10 sacks for the Silver and Black
50 Goro Ray Guy P We”re playing field position with greatest punter of all time
51 BD Williams John Matuszak DE All time NFL bad boy, consummate Raider who won 2 Super Bowls in Silver and Black
52 RDreamer Raymond Chester TE Had two stints with Raiders, won the Super Bowl in 1980.
53 Levi Henry Lawrence OT Raiders stalwart Pro Bowl right tackle for a decade including all three Super Bowl teams. A career Raider.
54 Carl Pete Banaszak FB I need touchdowns and Banaszak has more rushing TDs in Raider history than anyone not named Marcus Allen.
55 Marcus Bill Pickel DT I’ll go with the Raider that is 4th all time in team sacks and 6th all time in team tackles.
56 Tyler Rodney Hudson C Arguably best Center in football, great chemistry with Carr

Ryan took a break from building his offensive line with current Raiders players (he already has Kelechi Osemele and Donald Penn) to get his QB with Jeff Hostetler and Raider Nation pariah Warren Sapp.

It was special teams time for Goro, going after big fish Ray Guy and Sebastian Janikowki. Goro is streaky. He went all DB’s with his first three picks (CWood, Assassin, Hayes) and hasn’t touched the trenches on either side of the ball.

BD Williams has played it very different than Goro. He has focused mainly on the trenches, getting Highway 63 and Wiz early on before turning to the defensive line in rounds 6-7 with Darrell Russell and Tooz.

RDreamer’s draft has been like a swinging pendulum. Offense in the first three rounds (Allen, Shell, Branch), defense in the next to rounds (Alzado, Villapiano), and now back to the offense with Carson Palmer and Raymond Chester.

My only rhyme or reason is getting the best player on the board to fill a need. I got my first running back, getting Clem Daniels (betcha didn’t see THAT comin’ did ya) and my first offensive lineman in Henry Lawrence.

After going five rounds without a running back, Carl knocked out the position in two rounds, getting Napoleon Kaufman and Pete Banaszak to be his thunder and lightning. Like Goro, he has yet to add an offensive lineman.

Marcus apparently started something by taking Mark van Eeghen. It became a mini run on running backs with Carl going with Nap at the next pick and then I went Clem Daniels after that. Just like real drafts, there are runs of players.

While Ryan stepped away from the current Oline, Tyler took Rodney Hudson away after having added some personality to his squad with Tommy Kelly. Tyler loves his recent and current Raiders players. For that matter, so does Ryan.

Hope you all are enjoying how this is playing out as much as we are.

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