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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 8-9

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Raiders v Broncos X Rice

Back for another couple rounds in our All-time Raiders fantasy draft. Today it was round eight and nine. Still some players coming off the board that will give you all the feels remembering them roam the field in Silver & Black.

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All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 8

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 8 - 57 Tyler Shane Lechler P Will likely join Ray Guy as the only two Punters in the HOF
58 Marcus Amari Cooper WR Even with the poor season last year, Cooper is one of the most talented receivers in Raiders history.
59 Carl Randy Moss WR So taletnted. It's not his fault he had to play with the wackest quarterbacks in the NFL while in Oakland.
60 Levi Jerry Rice WR What can I say for taking Randy Moss and his one barely 1000-yard season ahead of the GOAT? Thank you.
61 RDreamer Bill Romanowski LB I hope nobody's testing these teams for steroids.
62 BD Williams Ronnie Lott SS Part time Raider legends are flying off the board. In Lott’s first season as a Raider he notched 8 Ints and was voted first team All-Pro
63 Goro Otis Sistrunk DT Versatile University of Mars alum helps anchor the DL
64 Ryan Gabe Jackson OG He is already a great guard and is only going to get better with age

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 9

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 9 - 65 Ryan Greg Biekert LB He is an ironman and tackling machine
66 Goro Sean Jones DE Fast long and strong. Most of his best were with Houston b/c they traded a #9 overall for him.
67 BD Williams Don Mosebar C Started on the O-Line for 13 years in Silver and Black. 3 Time Pro-Bowler and All-Pro
68 RDreamer Eric Turner S Turner died at 31, but not before leading the Raiders in tackles in 1997.
69 Levi Dan Conners LB Held down the middle linebacker spot for a decade in the 60s and 70s, heading to three Pro Bowls.
70 Carl Anthony Smith DE I need some more heat coming from the other side of Townsend so I picked the No. 3 sack artist in Raider history.
71 Marcus Rod Woodson S He only played 2 seasons in Oakland at the end of his hall of fame career but they were memorable ones.
72 Tyler Michael Crabtree WR 25 Touchdowns in 3 seasons with the Raiders

Well, Ryan nearly did it. He has nearly built the entire current Raiders offensive line. He already had Kelechi Osemele and Donald Penn and has now added Gabe Jackson. If he hadn’t gotten Jim Otto in the third round, he might have had Rodney Hudson too. He has yet to draft a receiver though. That could prove problematic

Goro keeps working through units. He was all about the secondary first, then special teams, and in then he finally got a couple defensive linemen in Otis Sistrunk and Sean Jones. He currently has ONE player on the offensive side of the ball — tight end Todd Christensen. This is going to be one interesting team.

BD Williams added Ronnie Lott to go with Willie Brown in the secondary. Then he was back to the trenches, adding center Don Mosebar to go with Highway 63 and Wiz along the offensive line.

RDreamer continued his swinging pendulum draft. Offense in the first three rounds (Allen, Shell, Branch), defense in the next to rounds (Alzado, Villapiano), back to the offense in round 6-7 (Palmer, Chester), and now back to the defense with two short tenured Raiders in Bill Romanowski and Eric Turner.

I filled out my wide receiver corps getting the GOAT to go with Freddy B. Then I got my first linebacker in Dan Conners. The only area I have completely neglected thus far is special teams. Though I still have five of my front seven still yet to be drafted.

Carl brought in the polarizing Randy Moss to pair up with the beloved Mr Raider Tim Brown. But he still has yet to touch the offensive line or tight end. Blocking for Jim Plunkett would be a good idea.

Marcus got the man who should never be president, Lincoln Kennedy, early in the draft, but hasn’t looked to the offensive line since. He went five decades apart adding Amari Cooper to go with Art Powell for his receiving corps. Then he flipped a coin and chose recent Raiders critic Rod Woodson to go with George Atkinson at safety.

Youngster Tyler continued his penchant for recent Raiders, adding punter Shane Lechler and wide receiver Michael Crabtree. So far the only players on his team who aren’t currently on the Raiders or play for them in the past five years are Ted Hendricks and Dave Grayson.

And the beat goes on.

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