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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 10-11

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James Jett #82...

I have to say, this All-time Raiders draft gets even more fun the deeper we go. Digging up some of the perhaps forgotten or lesser known Raiders greats is exciting. And it shows you that not every team is going to be rife with Hall of Famers. Teams win with a handful of elite players and a whole lot of solid role players.

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All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 10

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 10 - 73 Tyler Darren McFadden RB When healthy, one of the most talented RBs in Raiders history
74 Marcus Kirk Morrison MLB Captain Kirk is off the board as the best Raiders MLB left not taken.
75 Carl Vann McElroy FS I need turnovers so I'm taking the guy with the fourth-most interceptions in Raider history.
76 Levi Eddie Anderson S For my entire teenage years Eddie Anderson was the safety position for the Raiders.
77 RDreamer Skip Thomas CB "Dr. Death" had six interceptions in both 1974 and 1975, and helped Oakland win Super Bowl XI.
78 BD Williams James Jett WR WR had to be addressed. Jett is an instantly recognizable Raider, spending his entire 10 year career in Silver and Black
79 Goro Richard Seymour DT For 3 of his 4 years as a Raider, Seymour was a beast at the 3tech
80 Ryan Charlie Garner RB I don’t have a great quarterback so there is no1 better than Garner to get the ball out quickly to

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 11

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 11 - 81 Ryan Warren Wells RB Had 43 touchdowns in 4 Raider seasons.
82 Goro Lance Johnstone DE Adding a speed rusher to the mix
83 BD Williams Marshawn Lynch RB Only 1 season so far as a Raider, still good for 2nd highest yard per game in franchise history only behind Bo Jackson
84 RDreamer Tyvon Branch S Branch was a bright spot on some awful defenses.
85 Levi Mike Davis S Two of Raiders Super Bowl wins featured Davis as the starting strong safety. And he had 3 interceptions in those playoffs.
86 Carl Barret Robbins C I found him in Mexico and put him in rehab so he can play for me when he gets out.
87 Marcus Derrick Burgess DE Burgess is still the Raiders single season sack leader with 16 in 2005 and a great person to put opposite Howie Long.
88 Tyler Reggie Kinlaw DT Unsung hero on Raiders defensive line, two-time Super Bowl Champion

Ryan took a break from the offensive line to add a couple of offensive weapons in running back Charlie Garners and wide receiver Warren Wells. Thus far its the defensive line which he has neglected, drafting just Warren Sapp.

Goro continues to build his defense, adding Richard Seymour and Lance Johnstone to the defensive line. He still has just one player on offense — tight end Todd Christensen. That’s an interesting way to build a team. We’ll see how it works out for him.

Meanwhile BD Williams added his first pass catcher, getting WR James Jett and despite Marshawn Lynch having just one season under his best with the Raiders, he is now the feature back on his team. A tight end and some tackles would be a good idea at some point.

RDreamer’s pendulum style draft is staying on the defense for a while and in the secondary in particular. After getting Eric Turner in the 9th round, RD grabbed cornerback Skip Thomas and safety Tyvon Branch in the last two rounds. He’ll need to start thinking about the trenches soon. Art Shell was a solid get to start the draft, but he has yet to draft an interior lineman on either side of the ball.

It was all about safeties for me in rounds 10-11. I too have been neglecting the line. That will probably have to change soon.

Speaking of lines, Carl drafted his first, getting center Barret Robbins in the 11th. First he got Vann McElroy to add to his secondary. He also might want to think about getting a linebacker considering he’ll need three of them.

Marcus, like many of us, continues to tempt fate not drafting along the offensive line wth just the big Linc (Kennedy) onboard. He went with defense in the last two rounds, getting Captain Kirk at linebacker and pass rusher Derrick Burgess.

Another pick, another recent Raiders player for Tyler, grabbing injury prone Darren McFadden to start the 10th. Then out of nowhere he goes and grabs Reggie Kinlaw.

Hard to believe we are approaching the halfway point of the draft. It feels like we should be nearing the end. But nope. Lots more to come.

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