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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 12-13

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St. Louis Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We’ve reached the halfway point in our all-time Raiders fantasy draft. We’re still seeing some fantastic talent come off the board and soon will have to really dig deep into the Raiders near 60-year talent pool. Glad you’re along for the ride.

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All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 12

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 12 - 89 Tyler Marcel Reece FB Matchup nightmare from the backfield, 4-time Pro Bowler
90 Marcus Jared Veldheer OT Though his ending came in controversy, he was still a very good tackle for the Raiders.
91 Carl Bob Brown OT Great OT and one of the most intimidating offensive lineman in NFL historty. 6'4", 290 pounds in the '60s!
92 Levi Lionel Washington CB Full time starting corner for the Raiders for the better part of nine years, collecting 19 interceptions.
93 RDreamer Tyrone Wheatley RB The thunder to Charlie Garner's lightning, Wheatley scored 32 rushing toouchdowns in a six-year stint as a Raider.
94 BD Williams Marv Hubbard FB True Raiders throwback, elected to 3 pro-Bowls as a Raider. Statistically one of the greatest fullbacks who ever played the game.
95 Goro Raghib ismail KR Rocket. He wasn't actually as good as I remembered, but, hey, cool nickname.
96 Ryan Fred Williamson CB Hauled in 25 interceptions during his 4 seasons as a Raiders

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 13

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 13 - 97 Ryan Jerry Porter WR In 2004/05, with horrifying QB play, Porter tallied close to 2,000 yards and 14 touchdowns
98 Goro Eric Allen CB We're playing CWood at Safety, yo!
99 BD Williams Nemiah Wilson CB 6 year starter for the Raiders, helping the team advance to the AFL playoffs 3 years in a row
100 RDreamer George Buehler OG Buehler was the starting right guard for most of the 1970s.
101 Levi Mickey Marvin OG Marvin took over for Buehler and claimed the starting right guard for ten years, including Super Bowls XV and XVIII
102 Carl Frank Middleton OG Like Reggie McKenzie, I like BIG people.
103 Marcus Zach Miller TE One of the lone Raiders bright spots for his 4 years in Oakland from ‘07 to 2010.
104 Tyler Robert Gallery OG Was a bust as an OT but was solid when he switched to Guard

Tyler steady building a current Raiders squad with some legends sprinkled in. His latest is Darren McFadden and Robert Gallery. Making for nine of his 13 draft picks from players who were Raiders from 2010 to present. The others are Derek Carr, Marcel Reece, Michael Crabtree, Rodney Hudson, Tommy Kelly, Khalil Mack, and Shane Lechler.

Marcus’s ears were burning, because he finally got another offensive lineman, pairing Jared Veldheer with Lincoln Kennedy to protect for Rich Gannon.

After ignoring the offensive line for ten rounds, Carl has gone all in on the line, first getting center Barret Robbins, and then getting tackle Bob Brown and guard Frank Middleton. They will help as he has long filled all offensive skill positions. He has yet to draft a linebacker, so he’ll need to get on that soon.

I finished off my secondary adding Lionel Washington to join Mike Haynes and safeties Eddie Anderson and Mike Davis. The I grabbed my first guard, stealing Mickey Marvin to help block for Ken Stabler and Clem Daniels.

And back we go in RDreamer’s pendulum draft. After three defensive picks, RD went all offense in rounds 12-13 grabbing running back Tyrone Wheatley and guard George Buehler to clear the way for him and Marcus Allen.

BD Williams has filled out his backfield getting Marv Hubbard to go with Marshawn Lynch and then turned to the secondary with cornerback Nemiah Wilson to play across from Willie Brown.

Goro loves defense so much, he STILL has yet to get his second player on offense. He grabbed Todd Christensen in round five but otherwise it’s been all defense and special teams. That will change soon because he has just a couple linebacker spots left on defense. Everything else is filled. With all the attention on the defense, naturally there is some elite talent there including CWood, The Assassin, Lester the Molester, Seabass, and Ray Guy.

Ryan finished his offensive skill positions with the exception of tight end, getting receiver Jerry Porter to go with Warren Wells. He has been the opposite of Goro as he’s been focusing primarily on the offense with just defensive tackle Warren Sapp, linebacker Greg Biekert and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha on defense.

For those hoping to see an overview of each team, sorry but you’ll have to wait for our fantasy team tournament at the draft’s completion. We’ll keep knocking out a couple rounds a day until then.

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