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Kolton Miller gets first team reps at right tackle in Raiders OTA’s, could it be preview of rookie’s role?

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Oakland Raiders

Jon Gruden drafted Kolton Miller to be his left tackle of the future. He also said early on that left tackle is where Miller would be starting things out. But that still leaves open the possibility that the rookie tackle’s NFL career could begin at right tackle.

Donald Penn’s status still limited while he recovers from an ankle injury made the decision to have Miller at left tackle an easy decision.

Through the first two OTA’s, Miller lined up exclusively at left tackle. Penn has still lined up as the first team left tackle in walk-thrus, but come team sessions in the second OTA practice, Miller stepped into the first team role with Breno Giacomini maintaining the right tackle spot.

For the third OTA practice, walk-thrus changed up. Miller came in at right tackle in place of Giacomini with Penn at left tackle, according to media present.

This alignment was expected when Miller was drafted at 15 overall. And with him lining up there in Tuesday’s final OTA practice, it could be a sign that’s where he will be in team sessions as well once Penn returns.

Thus far through three OTA sessions, Miller has moved up each week. From third team left tackle, to second team left tackle in walk-thurs, to first team right tackle in walk-thrus. That could be the team trying him in various places or it could be what the team planned all along.

Next week will be the three-day mandatory minicamp. It’s possible Penn will be ready by then. Even if he isn’t ready, we will get a good indication of what the team wants to do with Miller this season once they hit the field.