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Instead of final day OTA practice Raiders to host local high schools for 7-on-7 tournament

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Napa High School football team at Raiders training camp

Each NFL team is allotted 10 days of OTA practices in the offseason. The Raiders’ final OTA practice was to take place this Thursday, but that final day is now Wednesday as they are trading their final day of practice to host 8 local high schools in the inaugural Raider U 7-on-7 tournament.

The Oakland area high schools who will be in attendance will be Castlemont, Kennedy, San Lorenzo, Encinal, Castro Valley and Dublin High Schools, Madison Park Academy and Oakland Military Institute.

Raiders players will take the field at the facility in Alameda at their normal practice time. But instead of the Raiders players taking the field at their usual positions, they will act as coaches, while Raiders coaches will serve as game officials.

After the tournament, Raiders players will speak to the student-athletes about life lessons they have learned through football and conduct a Q-and-A.

That seems like a pretty good use of their time if you ask me.