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Look: MC Hammer a guest at Raiders OTA practice

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MC Hammer and Jon Gruden
Annelie Schmittel

Some believe the 2018 Raiders are legit. How legit? Well, certainly too legit to quit. With that theme in mind, the team hosted the legendary Oakland rapper and noted Raiders fan MC Hammer at OTA practice Wednesday.

There he got some shots with head coach Jon Gruden and took in practice.

There was no media allowed at Wednesday’s practice, which is their final OTA practice of the offseason. The media availability was Tuesday.

MC Hammer holds a special place for me. He was my first ever concert at age 14. I used to running man myself into hyperventilation to Can’t Touch This, so you can imagine how out of my mind excited I was to see him live. (My, my, my, my MUSIC is SO HARD, makes me say OH MY LORD...)

It was equally an honor to get to shake his hand and tell him so on the sideline prior to a Raiders game a couple years back. Now Jon Gruden got to meet him as well, if he hadn’t already.