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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 14-15

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Barry Sims #65...

We cruised past the halfway point of our All-time fantasy draft and are headed for the home stretch. This where the rubber hits the road. Where we find out who really knows the rich history of legendary players who wore the Silver & Black.

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All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 14

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 14 - 105 Tyler Michael Huff FS Never lived up to top-ten pick expectations, but he was a solid player
106 Marcus Stefen Wisniewski C Lucked out in getting a quality Center this late in the draft, there is a major drop off at the position after this.
107 Carl Charley Hannah OG I don't understand why he never made All-Pro but he was an NFL Films All-Pro. Either way, he was a great guard.
108 Levi Barry Sims OT Raiders resurgence including Super Bowl run happened with Sims at LT and he was the mainstay for nine years
109 RDreamer Bruce Wilkerson OT Drafted in 1987, Wilkerson was a mainstay at tackle during the Bo Jackson era.
110 BD Williams Jared Cook TE Despite terrible coaching Jared Cook led all Raiders in receiving yards in 2017
111 Goro Jon Ritchie FB Last of the old school fullbacks
112 Ryan Scott Davis DT While his career was short b/c of a career-ending injury, he had 27.5 sacks in his first 4 seasons.

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 15

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 15 - 113 Ryan Bruce Irvin ED 15 sacks in two seasons as a Raider. Watch it skyrocket with Gruden and Guenther.
114 Goro Zack Crockett FB Going double FB formation with short yardage extraordinaire
115 BD Williams Thomas Howard LB Fan favorite at LB, boasting Al Davis required athleticism
116 RDreamer George Blanda K Beginning his pro career in 1949, Blanda played for the Raiders for over 8 years and retired as the NFL's all-time points leader.
117 Levi Pat Swilling DE Played the final three seasons of an All Pro career in Oakland putting up 13.0 sacks his first season and 21.0 sacks overall
118 Carl Navorro Bowman MLB The 2018 Oakland Raiders need to make that move right now!
119 Marcus Latavius Murray RB Not a bad complimentary back to Mark van Eeghen.
120 Tyler John Vella RT One of the nastiest Raiders offensive lineman, RT on legendary 1976 oline

With the safety position thinning out, Tyler grabbed Michael Huff in the 14th. The he finally got a tackle in John Vella. His offense and defensive line is nearly complete, but he has yet to draft a linebacker and his secondary has just Huff and Dave Grayson. Huff makes now 10 players Tyler has selected who have played for the Raiders since 2010. You know, the Raiders glory years.

Marcus also kept it current with his last four picks. Adding Jared Veldheer, Zach Miller, Stefen Wisniewski, and Latavius Murray.

Carl’s sudden all-in on the O-line continued in the 14th with guard Charley Hannah to go with Frank Middleton, center Barret Robbins, and tackle Bob Brown. He then got his first linebacker, with 10-game Raider NaVorro Bowman.

I got my second tackle in Barry Sims to play across from Henry Lawrence to protect Ken Stabler on both sides. I also finally decided to get my other edge rusher in Pat Swilling to pair up with Ben Davidson. The only positions I have yet to draft a player is tight end and special teams.

RDreamer stayed with the offense for third straight pick, getting tackle Bruce Wilkerson. His draft has taken on an interesting pattern. O, O, O, D, D, O, O, D, D, D, D, O, O, O. Then he got the second kicker of the draft, grabbing George Blanda. He’s the only one of us who has yet to draft a single defensive tackle.

Despite just one season with the Raiders, BD Williams went with Jared Cook as his tight end. He then went with the late Thomas Howard for some speed at linebacker to pair up with Rod Martin. He has yet to draft a tackle. I’m not sure Daryl Lamonica would appreciate that. He needs time to air it out.

He finally did it. Goro finally drafted on offense someone besides Todd Christensen. And he’s going entirely unconventional, grabbing two fullbacks in succession with Jon Ritchie and Zach Crockett. Two yards and cloud of dust offense. But who blocks for whom?

Ryan and Goro are switching places now. It had to happen with one going almost all defense and special teams and the other going almost all offense. Ryan finally focused on his defensive line, getting DT Scott Davis and edge rusher Bruce Irvin.

This is equal parts fun and agonizing. Fun when the guy you want is there and agonizing when someone else gets your guy first.

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