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Countdown to kickoff: 56 is Derrick Johnson and a Raiders record he celebrated a few years ago

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Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Every game of Derrick Johnson’s pro career he has donned the number 56. When the Raiders signed him, rookie Azeem Victor was wearing it, but the 6th round pick gladly surrendered it when the 13-year veteran came on board.

The former 15th overall pick has spent his entire career with the Raiders rival Kansas City Chiefs. In that time he has made four Pro Bowls and was once named All Pro.

At the age of 35, the Chiefs were ready to move on from their longtime man in the middle and with Gruden’s love of aged veterans, Johnson soon joined the dark side.

During the past few seasons, the Chiefs have basically owned the Raiders. In particular they have owned them in Kansas City, where the Raiders haven’t won in five years. Their last win in KC was 2012. And they swept a hapless Chiefs team that year.

In the years since then, it’s been the Chiefs doing the whooping.

2013 was a season to forget for the Raiders. And no game was more in need of being a repressed memory than their game in Oakland against the Chiefs. That game the Chiefs set a Raiders record for points allowed. They put 56 points on the Raiders that day which is the most any Raiders team had ever surrendered in a game in team history.

Johnson had his third straight Pro Bowl season that year and the Chiefs went to the playoffs, while the Raiders went for a top five pick where they drafted Johnson’s new All Pro defensive teammate Khalil Mack.