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All-time Raiders fantasy draft complete, All-undrafted team

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Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Our All-time fantasy draft is finally complete. All 25 rounds. We will get to the full individual teams soon enough but for now let’s take a look at how the entire 25-round draft played out:

With any draft, whether it be fantasy or real life, there are players who don’t get selected who may have been worthy. I have put together an All-undrafted team. Keep in mind some of these players had great overall careers in the NFL, but went undrafted because of the rule we put in place that we were only allowed to have these players as Raiders.

QB - Kerry Collins

RB - Kenny King, Charlie Smith

WR - James Lofton, Mike Siani

TE - Ethan Horton

OT - Bob Svihus, Langston Walker

OG - Brad Badger, Jim Harvey

C - Steve Sylvester

DT - Carleton Oats, Art Thoms

ED - Tony Cline, Horace Jones

LB - Jeff Barnes, Bill Budness, Archie Matsos

CB - Albert Lewis, Stanford Routt

S - Tommy Morrow, Howie Williams

K - Errol Mann

P - Mike Mercer

RS - KR Bo Roberson, PR Claude Gibson

In addition, everyone in the draft was allowed one waiver wire pickup following the draft. Here are the results of that:

Marcus waived DB James Trapp, signed CB Stanford Routt

BD Williams waived OT Khalif Barnes, signed OT Langston Walker

Next up we will pit teams against each other in a tournament to find a winner as voted on by you, the readers. Should be fun.

While we’re here, though, who do you think is the best of the all-time Raiders to go undrafted in this fantasy league?