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Legendary QB, head coach Tom Flores will also not be back as Raiders radio analyst

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NBC News

A day after the news that longtime Raiders play-by-play radio man Greg Papa will be replaced by Brent Musburger, Tom Flores says he too will not be back.

“This is part of the business world,” Flores told the Fresno Bee. “All things come to an end. I was hoping I would last through the first year in Las Vegas, but it’s not going to happen.”

Flores has been a staple with the Raiders since the 60s. First as the team’s starting QB, then as an assistant, then as head coach, and for years as a radio and TV personality. He has three Super Bowl rings with the Raiders, two has head coach.

Once it was known that Papa would not return, the questions about whether that meant Flores would be gone too. So, this isn’t entirely a shock. At least not more so than the initial news of Papa’s departure.

With the team headed to Las Vegas, they are creating more and more of a Vegas identity. Musburger lives in Vegas where he does radio spots and writes guest columns for the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Flores is 81, which would seem about a good age to leave the booth. Then again, Musburger is 79 and just received a three-year deal that will make him the voice of the Raiders for their final two seasons in Oakland and their first season in Las Vegas. Now we just wait to see who accompanies him in the booth.