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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 16-17

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Mervyn Fernandez

Our All-time Raiders fantasy draft continues with round 16 and 17. Let’s see what prizes we collected in these two rounds.

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All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 16

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 16 - 121 Tyler Bruce Davis LT 2-time Super Bowl champion, started 76 games with the Raiders
122 Marcus Mo Collins OG Mo was a solid guard in his day and leaves me one player away from completing my offensive line.
123 Carl Gareon Conley CB I saw enough in the New York Jets game last year to bet on his future.
124 Levi Dan Birdwell DT A career Raider who spent nearly the entirety of the 60s in Silver & Black, named All Pro in 1968
125 RDreamer Mervyn Fernandez WR Mervyn in ninth on the Raiders all time receiving yards list with 3,764.
126 BD Williams Willie Gault WR The type of deep threat that Al Davis loved. Averaged 20 yards per reception as a Raider.
127 Goro Gerald Irons LB All Time Top-100 Cleveland Brown still considered himself a Raider to the end.
128 Ryan Kamerion Wimlbey ED Played just two seasons in Oakland, but started in all 32 games and tallied 16 sacks

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 17

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 17 - 129 Ryan Eric Barton LB Ranks 16th all-time in tackles for the Raiders. Had two great seasons for Oakland in 2002/03.
130 Goro Tom Flores QB Like having a coach on the field
131 BD Williams Harry Schuh OT AFL Champion, NFL pro bowler on the 1960s Raiders teams
132 RDreamer Bob Golic DT Shooting Golic through the center/guard gap was the easiest way to compile sacks in Tecmo Bowl.
133 Levi Jeff Jaeger K Second only to Seabass in most every meaningful Raiders kicker stat including FG% and FG of 50+. All Pro in '91, led the league in '93
134 Carl Stacey Toran SS He died at 27, right when he was becoming a top-flight strong safety. He could cover the TE, hit, play in the box, everything.
135 Marcus Charlie Phillips CB Charlie Phillips had 19 interceptions and 7 fumble recoveries on the Raiders stellar defense of the late 70’s.
136 Tyler Bob Nelson LB Won 2 Super Bowls, productive LB overshadowed by Millen, Hendricks, and Martin

The lines are filling out now. Tyler got his tackles in consecutive picks with John Vella and Bruce Davis before getting his first linebacker in Bob Nelson. His secondary is still in need of attention with just cornerback Dave Grayson and safety Michael Huff.

Marcus got guard Mo Collins and got his first cornerback in Charlie Phillips.

Carl grabbed 2-game veteran Gareon Conley after getting NaVorro Bowman the round before making two consecutive picks with 12 games as Raiders combined. He then went with Stacey Toran from a thin group of remaining safeties.

After probably waiting too long to address defensive tackle, I managed to pull Dan Birdwell. Then I finally dipped my toe into special teams getting Jeff Jaeger. He’s the third kicker taken in this draft after Sebastian Janikowski (Goro) and George Blanda (RDreamer).

RDreamer grabbed fan favorite Mervyn Fernandez to team up with Cliff Branch. And just like me, he finally got himself a defensive tackle, drafting Bob Golic.

BD Williams got Willie Gault to play across from James Jett, giving him the fastest wide receiver duo in the league. Then he got his first tackle in Harry Schuh.

Goro was back at the defense, getting linebacker Gerald Irons. Then he finally got a quarterback, drafting the Raiders first quarterback, Tom Flores.

Ryan is working his way through the defense, getting pass rusher Kamerion Wimbley and then linebacker Eric Barton. His secondary is still pretty lonely, with just Nnamdi Asomugha back there.

Home stretch now. Just eight rounds remain.