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Marshawn Lynch announces grand opening of Beast Mobile store

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you have been living under a rock then you have heard countless times of Marshawn Lynch’s prowess in his investments and finances. Lynch has his own attire line called Beast Mode, is opening up his first restaurant soon, and has his Skittles endorsement after eating the candy on the sidelines in Seattle.

That doesn’t even mention his most intriguing investment, he has started his own cell phone company that he has named Beast Mobile. The Raiders running back could be on the verge of something pretty great with his no contract cell phone company, and he’d love for you to come out tomorrow on Saturday, July 21st to celebrate the grand opening of his store in Berkely, CA.

You had me at Free BBQ. Getting the chance to meet Marshawn Lynch from 2-4 at the grand opening is a great opportunity for some of you Oakland fans to meet the man himself too. With no contract cell phone deals as low as $4 a month you might just want to switch up your cell service anyway. Lynch promises unlimited data, messaging and talk for all of his plans as well.

It wouldn’t be Marshawn Lynch if he wasn’t giving back to his community though. That’s why he is starting a pilot program with Beast Mobile called “Phones for the Homeless” that Lynch is introducing with the help of his Fam1st Family Foundation.

The program is going to hand out 3,000 free cellphones with 3 months of free service to the homeless populations in the Oakland and Seattle areas. The phones will be loaded with apps and services that will earn points with each use that will allow the recipients of the phones to continue earning free service based off of the points they earn.

What more would you expect from Marshawn Lynch though? The man just gets it, he wants to make his money but he wants to help the community too. People outside of the area often just see his antics, but it’s Lynch’s philanthropy with his hometown that has really endeared him to the Oakland Area. Something tells me that Oakland will be coming out in drones to celebrate this grand opening of his Beast Mobile store in Berkely.