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Energy of Raiders fan appreciation event captured on Twitter

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Bay Area News Group\Doug Duran

Have you made your silver & black pilgrimage yet? If you haven’t made it over to Ricky’s Sports Bar on Hesperian Boulevard then you should definitely put it on your bucket list because the place is awesome.

It was at this legendary bar and grill where Jon Gruden and the Raiders decided to hold a fan appreciation event for any and all Raiders fans that wanted to attend. Attend they did with 500 plus of them, including Silver & Black Pride’s new staff writer Phil Robinson, showing up to celebrate the Oakland Raiders and the return of Chucky. Check out Phil’s first hand account of the event here.

This event is part of the draw that Gruden brings with him, his energy and passion isn’t just for the team but also for the city itself. That’s why his smile is so big in all the pictures you see from this crowded event at Ricky’s, he is loving every second of it. His energy is contagious too, you see the side effects of it throughout the crowd too.

You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at Twitter to see the excitement in the air.

Of course there’s not just pictures, here are some great videos from the event as well.

It’s safe to say that this fan appreciation event was epic, and it truly is quintessential Jon Gruden. It’s a great way to help the team get ready for training camp (rookies report 7/23, veterans 7/26) to show off the excitement the fan base has and the energy that we all know Gruden has too.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in your jealousy of the fans in attendance if you missed out on this awesome event. Hopefully Phil’s article and these Twitter reactions helped you at least experience the awesomeness vicariously.