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Lincoln Kennedy to join Brent Musburger in Raiders radio booth

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Lincoln Kennedy #72

Earlier this week it was announced that neither Greg Papa nor Tom Flores, both longtime Raiders radio announcers, would be returning to the booth for the Raiders in 2018. Papa’s replacement was announced as legendary announcer Brent Musburger, who is best known in recent years as a lecherous degenerate gambler and college football play-by-play man but who has called numerous sports in his long career with CBS Sports and ABC Sports, which began in 1973 and lasted until his retirement from ABC in January of 2017.

But now it seems that Flores’ replacement has been found. On Lincoln Kennedy’s long-running “The Fellas” morning show on Fox Sports Radio, Kennedy announced the following:

“It appears that Brent Musburger, Hall of Fame announcer and legend himself and I are going to be working together calling Raiders games this upcoming season for the Raiders radio broadcasts.”

“I’m a little nervous,” said Kennedy. “I’m going to be working side to side with one of the most recognizable names ever in broadcasting. To me it’s the equivalent of a Keith Jackson or Al Michaels, he’s a legend to me.”

Brent Musburger, legend though he is, would not be one of the first names that come to mind when thinking about Raider football or its broadcasting. But Lincoln Kennedy most certainly would be, and he will give Raiders radio the authenticity and credibility it sorely needs after the departure of Flores and Papa.