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Ranking the AFC West by position: Edge rushers

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Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Every offseason when I put together these rankings I am taken aback all over again at just how much pass rushing talent there is in this division. It’s incredible. I double you could find any two teams in any other division that has the kind of pass rush talent you find on any of these teams. But I had to rank them. And this is how it shook out.

1. ChargersMelvin Ingram, Joey Bosa

In a division of elite pass rushers, the Chargers have two of them. Both Ingram and Bosa had double digit sacks last season, combining for 23.0 sacks. Both pass rushers also landed in the NFL Top 100 – Bosa at number 37 and Ingram at 76.

2. RaidersKhalil Mack, Bruce Irvin

Like Ingram and Bosa, the Raiders boast two pass rushers who made the NFL Top 100. If we were ranking individual pass rushers, Mack would be at the top. He is the best edge rusher in the NFL. Irvin is a very good complement to him on the other side. The two combined for 18.5 sacks last season which is not as much as is expected. At least Mack is expected to have more. Irvin’s 8.0 sacks matched a career high. The Raiders are hoping a move to DE full time will help him to take another step up this season.

3. BroncosVon Miller, Bradley Chubb

Miller had the worst sack numbers of his career last season. Which is saying a lot considering he still had 10.0 sacks. He is joined by the top pass rusher in this year’s draft. The Broncos obviously have high hopes for their selection at 5 overall. But rookie pass rushers often go through an adjustment period. Former 5th overall pick Khalil Mack did as did 2017 number one overall pick Myles Garrett. Miller’s talent is unquestionable. He isn’t better than Mack right now, but he’s a future Hall of Famer. The fact that a duo featuring him would be third in this division just shows how great the pass rushing is in the AFC West.

4. ChiefsDee Ford, Justin Houston

Houston had a bit of a bounce back season in 2017 with his highest sack totals since 2014. Part of that is due to simply playing a full season. Dee Ford fell off a bit last season after a 10.0 sack 2016 season. He played in just six games and had 2.0 sacks with 13 combined tackles. I doubt they’re giving up on the hopes that he could return to form, but he and Houston definitely make up the weakest pass rushing duo in this division.