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Countdown to kickoff: 48 is a number Derek Carr needs to set new Raiders franchise record

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New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Today Derek Carr takes the field for the first time in Napa with the rookies and first year players. It’s the pre-camp warm-up and it will help him to shake off the rust from the 6-week break, so when the rest of his teammates arrive, including his top receivers, he is on point and the team doesn’t miss a beat.

Carr has been the team’s starter since day one and with his TD/INT ratio being among the best in the NFL each season, he has put up some impressive numbers through four NFL seasons.

He has put up 103 touchdown passes through those four seasons which puts him 4th among Raiders all-time leaders behind Ken Stabler, Daryl Lamonica, and Rich Gannon.

We are 48 days from the start of the 2018 season when Carr can continue making his way up that all-time list. He needs exactly 48 touchdown passes to overtake Stabler (150) to become the Raiders all-time career touchdown pass leader.

There’s really no chance he can take that record this season or even move ahead of Lamonica (148) — unlike career completions and perhaps passing yards — but he will most assuredly move up the list.

He needs 12 touchdown passes to surpass Gannon (114) for third on the list.