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Khalil Mack working out in Buffalo during holdout

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Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chief Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Even though Raiders star defensive end Khalil Mack has yet to report to Raiders training camp due to a holdout for a contract extension, that doesn’t mean that Mack has been at home on his couch. In fact, Mack has been at the University of Buffalo, his alma mater, working out with the football team he left in 2013.

And not only has Mack been keeping in football shape, he’s also been learning a new position on the field!

Look at the footwork and the tenacious D by Mack. The Raiders don’t ask him to cover receivers very often, preferring to have him rush the passer, but Mack surely has the skills to pay the bills.

“I’m about to get physical,” says the Buffalo receiver, right before Khalil Mack bodies him into the sideline. Yeah, good luck with that, kid.

As soon as Mack gets his extension, he’ll be back on the Raiders’ practice field, but for now we can clearly see that Mack has lost none of his quickness or drive to succeed.