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Khalil Mack officially placed on Raiders reserve/did not report list along with Vadal Alexander

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Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Today what was known became official. The Raiders players took the field for their first training camp and their best player was not among them. Also not on the field was offensive lineman, Vadal Alexander. That one was not expected.

Khalil Mack is holding out for a contract extension. He is coming up on his fifth year option season and wants the Raiders to extend him long term. He’s certainly earned it. He and Aaron Donald, who was chosen a few slots later in the 2014 draft, are both holding out to get the big extension they deserve.

Hard to know what Vadal Alexander’s story is. The third year offensive lineman was the only Raider whose absence was unaccounted for.

Their absences had both placed on the team’s Reserve/Did not report list.

For Alexander’s part, the former seventh round pick was disciplined by the league for violating the policy on performance enhancing substances. That violation carries a four-game suspension. But that suspension wouldn’t keep him from attending training camp or participating in preseason games.

We don’t yet know what his deal is or how long he will be away. It could even be a one-day thing, it’s hard to say. But he’s not the caliber of player who would be holding out for a contract or who could afford to not show up and still keep a roster spot.