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Gareon Conley misses day two of Raiders training camp

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Here we go again?

NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In his second year since becoming the Raiders’ top pick, Gareon Conley hasn’t strung two minicamp or training camp days together. The first day of camp was his first ever and already he is missing time as he was not on the field for day two. This is getting downright tiresome.

Last year he injured his shin on the second day of minicamp and never full recovered. He missed all of training camp, played in two games in the regular season before aggravating it and was done for the year.

This year he injured his groin on day two of minicamp, but we were assured it was minor and he would be back in no time. He was back on the first day and looked to be good to go. Then he went...right off the field again.

It could actually be something minor this time. We don’t know yet. He could return Sunday. Who knows? But we’ve been on this ride before and know to brace for the worst.

Gruden also hasn’t shown a lot of patience for guys who spend more time in the training room than they do on the field. He has high hopes for Conley and the Raiders need him to start and be the talent they expected him to be as a top pick. Can’t do that if you’re not on the field.

Taking Conley’s place with the first team today was Daryl Worley who at one time was burnt by Jordy Nelson for a long grab.