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49ers LB Reuben Foster slapped with 2-game suspension

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Jacksonville Jaguars v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

We went from thinking Reuben Foster was in for potential jail time and a long suspension, to the young linebacker’s league discipline coming down as two games.

As we know, the NFL’s punishments are arbitrary and not really tied to any concrete reasoning as far as specifics. Foster was suspended for violating the NFL’s Conduct and Substances of Abuse policies. And that’s about as specific as it gets.

The Raiders currently have a player who could be facing a suspension. They signed cornerback Daryl Worley this offseason after he had been cut by the Eagles shortly after being arrested for a DUI and charges also included resisting arrest and illegal weapons possession.

Foster also has a weapons charge as well as marijuana possession, even though his domestic violence case was dismissed after his ex-girlfriend said she made it all up.

Last season the 49ers cut NaVorro Bowman to go with Foster as their starting middle linebacker. Bowman, of course, quickly signed with the Raiders and started the final ten games. The Foster news initially probably had the 49ers wondering if they had made the right decision. But with Bowman still on the market, waiting for the right deal with the right team, they would have had a second chance at Bowman regardless.