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Jason Verrett replacement gets injured and the Chargers are definitely cursed

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Washington Redskins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Another day, another Chargers cornerback goes down to injury. First it was Jason Verrett, who was lost for the year last week when he tore his Achilles tendon during the Bolts’ very first conditioning test of camp. Today, the guy who stepped up as Verrett’s replacement immediately went down:

Fortunately for the Chargers, the injury to Williams appears to be an ankle sprain rather than a break or a serious ligament tear. Williams was seen in a walking boot and on crutches later on in the day. Still, if I were Derwin James right now, I’d be taking out a very sizeable insurance policy on myself and my future earnings. Who knows when that Chargers injury voodoo will strike again?

Every year, the Chargers look amazing on paper. Pundits pick them to win the AFC West and go to the Super Bowl. And every year they get a bunch of guys hurt in camp and they just can’t compete. It’s enough to make one believe that the Chargers’ practice field is built on an ancient Indian burial ground, but let’s be real here. The entirety of North America is an ancient Indian burial ground, and apparently all those ancient Indians died of torn ACLs.

Stay tuned to Silver and Black Pride for the latest in devastating Chargers injury news.